We Yone Kidney Clinic

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Professional Excellence

in Medical Care and Dialysis Services in Sierra Leone

We Yone Kidney Clinic provides first class Dialysis Services to people living with chronic and acute renal disease in Sierra Leone.

The best care is on your side

Innovative Equipment

The use of our innovative equipment provides comfort to families to the type of care we will provide to our patients. Our reliability and extensive support from partners help our clinicians provide consistent treatment and do more for our patients.

Personal Treatment

We always prioritize quality, safety, personal care, and comfort with our dialysis treatment at our clinic.

Focused Care

Our partnership with organizations that conduct continuous research and innovation allows us to offer high-quality, focused care for patients, whether a planned start for dialysis or unexpected in a quality care setting.

Our Response to COVID-19

We continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and have developed the following guidelines to support our efforts. Our top priorities are to make sure that our employees and patients remain safe and our patients receive the best care possible.

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Open Monday-Saturday: 8:30am-5:00pm

Our Response to COVID-19